Business Litigation

Even the most well-run businesses can find themselves in a dispute with another business, and even the most well-meaning business partners can find themselves at odds with one another. At Mackaness & Ideta, we are adept at handling all types of business disputes, including breach of contract claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, business defamation claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, trade secret misappropriation, intellectual property infringement, and business fraud claims. If you're in need of a business lawyer from an experienced San Diego law firm, then give us a call to discover your options.

Breach of Contract

Whether written, oral, or implied, contracts between companies and individuals are routinely broken. We have extensive experience representing clients whose contractual rights have been violated. Having drafted, reviewed, and advised clients on a wide spectrum of contracts – including partnership, joint venture, and operating agreements, shareholding agreements, personal guarantees, promissory notes and loan agreements, license agreements, real estate development and construction contracts, leases, manufacturing agreements, consulting contracts, employment and independent contractor agreements, marketing contracts, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, timeshare contracts, and settlement agreements – we are well-equipped to evaluate the provisions of your contract and offer sound advice and representation in the enforcement or defense of your contractual claims.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Partners and shareholders of companies often find themselves in disputes with one another. This typically occurs when a business has only a few owners or is owned equally by two people, or when one partner or shareholder leaves the company to start a competing business. Claims often center around breaches of fiduciary duty, trade secret misappropriation, embezzlement, usurpation of corporate opportunities, or conversion. Our attorneys are adept in helping partners and shareholders navigate such disputes, and if necessary, will bring an action to enforce their rights and those of the company.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Protecting intellectual property is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace and, ultimately, to the success of any business. We vigorously represent clients whose trademarks or copyrights have been infringed and will endeavor to obtain the best outcome in an infringement action.

Business Defamation

Defamation occurs when a person makes a false and unprivileged statement about another person or company that harms that person’s or company’s reputation. Defamation by means of a written statement is referred to as “libel.” With society’s increasing reliance on reviews through websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Amazon, Internet defamation occurs daily. If you’ve been the victim of online defamation, our attorneys can help with the removal of the libelous statements and enforce your rights and remedies against the offending party.

Business Fraud

False statements are often made in an effort to induce others to enter into contracts or take certain action to their detriment. When false or misleading statements, or material omissions, are made by a person and justifiably relied upon, significant damage can result. If you're looking for the right fraud lawyer, our attorneys are experienced in helping clients recover losses arising out of business and consumer fraud, including fraudulent misrepresentation, concealment, or inducement to enter into a contract.

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